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Debate on the Hantavirus: Governor Chubut crossed Secretary Rubinstein – 14.1.2019

Governor Chubut, Justicialist Mariano Arcioni, led the Emergency Committee, consisting of the Epuyen and the press conference greater involvement of the nation stateIn addition, he launched a dispute with National Health Secretary Adolfo Rubinstein, who today expressed concern at Casa Rosada about the outbreak of a hantavirus that has already had 28 confirmed cases and 94 people with selective respiratory isolation in this mountain town.

"There were inappropriate speeches by Dr. Rubinstein in the recommendation that people do not come to Epuyen and the surroundings without the information you need to have"These problems affect you because you do not have to create psychosis, but you have to work on prevention," he said. On Tuesday, the two leaders meet in Puerto Madryn because Rubinstein is part of a delegation that comes with President Maurice Macrim.

In a radio interview for Radio Miter Rubinstein he described the situation in Epuyen as "very serious" and explained that "we talked about very high mortality, more than 30%. "He stressed that the national authorities are working with the Chubuts on the shoulder and that they" are making every effort to do it ".

Preventive measures in Epuyen. Photo by Marcelo Martinez

Preventive measures in Epuyen. Photo by Marcelo Martinez

And when he explained that the outbreak is limited to Epuyen, a tourist town with about 4,000 inhabitants in Cordillera, he warned that "the reality is that it is always exhausted." When asked if he was on vacation, Rubinstein admitted: "If you ask me if I go for a vacation, and not. It is a city that is very careful. "

These were words that irritated Arcioni, who said he would ask "the Secretary of National Health to come here to Epuyen and provide him with the necessary information to Repeat your statements"

"The commitment and responsibility with which the health team, the municipal town hall in Epuyén and the neighboring and involved municipalities have been ratified and an important source of human resources is available," added Arcioni. "We will demand a national government exemptions or extensions concerning national taxes"At the peak of the tourist season, the mountain town was severely affected by the economic impact of the outbreak.

As for preventive measures for justice for people's isolation, Arcioni explained that "the police will provide assistance and support to these families" and condemned the families of fatal victims. "I also want to give peace to all my neighbors it will end and we will be the Shire we all deserve"

Health Minister Adrian Pizzi insisted that isolation isthe main tool to reduce the virus transmission chain and explained that this population has "all state escort" through various agencies. "In the next 15 days the scenario will improve, we are talking about biology, and I want to be responsible," he said.

Governor Chubut, Mariano Arcioni (Archiv)

Governor Chubut, Mariano Arcioni (Archiv)

Rubinstein also highlighted the "isolation, biosafety, and biological containment measures in the city" and noted that "it was a very rigorous epidemiological research that tried to limit the focus, which I think we are now achieving." The secretary asked the extreme common cordiller action, keep enough ventilation time between them in closed places, do not hesitate with high grass and drink drinking water.

In this sense, the meetings of the Emergency Committee with the Governor were the intentions of Epuyén, El Hoyo, Lago Puelo, Cholila, El Maitén, Trevelin and Esquel. Communal leader Lago Puelo, Raúl Ibarra, confirmed this The National Forest Festival was postponed"Anyway, we have an important day when the city's birthday is April 2, and it could be a big event," he said.

In addition to Fiesta del Bosque, four other popular events have been suspended due to the outbreak of Hantavirus situations, but the Provincial Government has "strongly denied that a resolution or decree has been issued to stop its orbiting activities across the country and to reject an attempt to viralise false information." He meant an alleged solution that spreads across networks and that she indicated that the province would suspend all of the group's activities in public closed spaces. The authorities said they would initiate criminal proceedings to condemn the person who generated "malicious information".

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