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details about their sizes and screens

once we finish the round of this year's presentations in what the mobile phone is about, we are starting to raise the rumors and leaks of the models we'll see next year. Yesterday we talked about the Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact and today it's the S10, which it takes over.

In this model we have seen a lot of news in the last few days, and today Evan Blass is telling us about the three models to be put on sale.

In particular, he published an image telling us how these three models are (S10 Plus, S10 and S10 Lite) according to the data provided by the accessory manufacturer.

As you can see, all three have a common large panel and a front camera integrated into the screen. But there is something that collides: your position.

In this figure we see that the cameras will be focused and it's not as they seem to be under other leaks, such as OnLeaks a few days ago.

In fact, in the same thread, you answer that Evan Blass is a tweet, another well-known filter, Ice Universe, confirms that the screen size is correct, but there is something that does not. Everything seems to indicate that it is the position of cameras. The corrected image shows us how they look.

These are three Galaxy S10s: details about their size and screens

This would be more consistent with the screen maker's filtered image that clearly shows the area for front cameras. The picture also shows a cutout for the front speaker and a slightly thicker flange at the top than the sides, as seen in the previous pictures.

This is not even confirmed, although it seems like the S10 Lite will have a flat, not curved flat screen, and the fingerprint reader will have it on one side rather than below the screen like the S10 and S10 Plus models.

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