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Deteriorating AIDS growth in San Juan

On the occasion of recalling the World AIDS Day on Saturday 1 December, the Ministry of Public Health provided statistics on the development of the San Juan disease and about the measures that are being taken to avoid new cases as much as possible.

Minister of Public Health Dr. Alejandra Venerando explained that "there were 102 new positive cases in San Juan in 2005" and he referred to healthcare help "not only in support and prevention, but also in clear responses to patient treatment," he explained.

Venerando acknowledged that despite all the work done by the state, the disease progresses in San Juan, "we need to be aware of being the main actors in the fight against AIDS and working with people who do not have the necessary information from the Ministry we have all the options to diagnose, centers as well as in all the activities we are involved in, "explains the official.

The minister urged the use of condoms as a basic method of avoiding infection. "It's a good and precautionary measure," he said.

AIDS Prosecutor Victoria Sain explains that "there are a total of 1,377 cases since the first finding in San Juan in 1988. In the past 6 years, we had an average of 95 new cases. This year we were surprised by the November 2018 detection with 103 new positive results, "he explained. For reasons that may cause more cases, Sain said that "this is a question of debate. Despite all the help the government and the ease that exists to recognize the disease, there may also be a lack of awareness of the use of condoms in sexual relations with new partners. the UNAIDS slogan is "Know Your Country" and its goal is to encourage people's interest in whether or not they have a disease, "he said.

As for the age limit in which the disease is prevalent, he noted that "we talk about 32 for men and 33 for women. At the national level, the proportion of AIDS is two men per woman, and at the local level there are three women for each person" said Sain.
They will perform massive tests

On Thursday 29 November and Friday 30, the exams will take place on the ground floor of the Civic Center from 9:00 to 13:30.

On Monday 3 December and Tuesday, tests will be conducted in all provinces health resorts.

In all cases, the test is free, confidential and free of charge.

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