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Diego Maradona threatened Gianni Infantino

Diego Maradona He led his first match on Thursday in Dorados in 2019. His team lost 1-0 with Zacatepec for Copa Mexico.

After the game, the Argentine star condemned the press conference FIFA and threatened to tell the secrets of the body he chairs to the Italian Italo Gianni Infantino,

"I told Gianni Infantino that he resigned to be the captain of a legendary team because he left from Bloom and Juliet Grondon nothing to FIFA has changed. Players like Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and I were in the room like dogs, lacking total respect. Now I'm going to say things I know about the new FIFA, "he warned.

Maradona was upset. Not only for the defeat, but for the treatment he received from audiences Zacatepec.

"They threw a bottle that came close to my shoulderI can not believe that a maniac can catch a bottle, throw it in his head and remain unpunished. It goes beyond football, the person who hates me or argued with his wife before he comes to court. I urge the authorities not to hurt another incident, "he said.

"They will have to rethink these things and give me a bottle. He walked through me because when he hit my head, he would kill me"If the Federation does not make a good decision, we can suffer another incident like the one that happened," he added.

The Argentine wrath then moved to Croatian Zvonimir Boba, deputy secretary of FIFA, with whom I should have a discussion in the hotel, an episode that happened last year as a legend.

"I want to tell Boban, who is part of FIFA and accepts these things, if you want "nice, we go to the quadrangle, Do not be angry. The worst thing is that Infantino sends him. I'm not a 20-year-old boy, 58 years old, and it hurt me because I believed people, now I do not believe it, "he concluded.


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