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Diego Reinhold left the cell phone but returned, took the microphone and complained to the air – 31/01/2019

Everything went smoothly. Diego Reinhold (45) gave a letter from Villa Carlos Paz Summer flower, a program which Flower view (43) City Magazine, when a string of urgent questions they bothered him and left the cellphone unexpectedly,

Roughness in the air that surprised everyone was held at this center when, from the floor of the cycle, the panelist "Pampito "Perello Aciar he began to ask Diego for attending Dance 2014,

"It was a controversial year for you, you were very close to the storm … so I ask …"said the reporter when he found the respondent was not responding.

"But controversial why?"the comic interrupted," Because you've fought everybody. You fought Nacha (Guevara), p Angel (By Brita). That's why I say that, "said Perello Aciar.

"How about Angela? No, I do not understand …"Reinhold reproved."Yes, with Angel de Brito and Nacha Guevara you fought. Or am I crazy?"Pampito repeated.

"There's nothing more"said the actor in relation to the strong struggle she had with the singer when she was to evaluate her dance on the dance floor. ShowMatch, "And also with Angel de Brito"the journalist insisted.

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"I just do not understand why you're talking to Angela. What was the fight with Angela?"the humorist hurried at that moment.

Then Perello tried to remember: "Production Summer flower, which is very fast, just found cross with Angel de Brito, I do not remember, but it was for … "

But Reinhold did not allow him to finish. "Oh, how tough, boys"the actor cried when he stopped, tossed back and left her in a chair in which he had been a few seconds before making a cell phone

"No, that is, I do not like being a liar. The fight was because they did not like monologues very much"Pampito finished, even though Diego was no longer listening to him.

"What a little tolerance!"the journalist complained that at that moment he was laughing, Rocío Marengo (38) said: "What will happen that Nahuel (the chronicler who was on the cell) It is so loving that you have spoiled Pampita … what an ugly moment"

"Guys what happened?"Flora asked, suddenly, with a serious, disturbing tone Mar del Plata, where he plays the musical Well Argentine,

"That in two minutes I'm useless and you pick someone from your cell phone Pampito! "He added, in the middle of laughter, the panelist could not even explain what had happened at the same time the camera showed that Reinhold was leaving, suddenly something new happened again,

It was when the actor realized he was still in the air, fled back, took the microphone, and complained, "400 pesos have run out of gas and tolls to come here. So no, guys, that's all. I came here to be treated well"

"We do not treat it badly, we asked. If there's something I do not like, people are disrespectful on TV. I'm trying to be, and my motto is that everything can be demanded if it is respectful and the other is what it wants, "concluded Pampito.

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