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Dismal hold of Mirtha Legrand in "Bailando 2018" – 12/08/2018

In the "Dance 2018"from"ShowMatch"(El Trece) follows the round of Homage, the first couple to come on stage was Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sánchez, They expressed their respect Freddie Mercury,

The other couple who took the center of the scene was one María Del Cerro and Facundo Mazzei who honors Mirtha Legrand, In choreography couple María Del Cerro and Facu Mazzei He had a special attendance Felipe Colombo and Juan Otero, son Florence Peña,

In the previous case, Marcelo Tinelli said he expects it Mirtha Legrand I was not angry at the fact that I stopped attending the Colon Festival so I could see tributes earlier in the evening, that is Thursday, and finally it was not time for that.

After choreography Del Cerro and Mazzei together with his guests, came the return of the jury, honoring it Mirtha Legrand, Overall, they gained only 16 points. Check out the choreography of the mismatch!

The third couple set out on the track Sol Pérez and Damián García, They read Frida Kahlo, The Participant stated that it had decided Frida for tributes because "she was free and because despite all the terrible things that happened to her, she went out to eat the world."

When explaining, No He started crying and said his tears were "because of" a bad patch for our entire group. " He further added, "It is not good to be self-destructive, you have to go out and eat the world, that's life."

After the choreography the jury issued its statement: was not satisfied and qualified a couple with 15 points. On request Marcelo Polino, Hit the BAR, which raised one point.

As is customary, Sol Pérez he complained and turned away from his usual whim. Among other things, he said:

This ended the round of order, Marcelo Tinelli became reveal the secret voices of Ángel De Brito to find out which couples have been convicted. To the next round, this time 23 points were needed.

The couples who went into the next round These are: Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba, with 35 points; Cinthia García and Gonzalo Gerber with 31; Diego Ramos and Lourdes Sánchez, with 29; Mica Viciconte and Nacho Saraceni, with 26.

The four sentenced couples are: Julian Serrano and Sofi Morandi, with 11 points; María Del Cerro of Facu Mazzei, 16; Sol Pérez and Damián García, with 19; Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza, with the 22nd on Monday, will have to repeat their choreography in mourning.

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