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Dollar today. Seven minutes after the announcement, BCRA fell $ 1.48

In its wholesale version it falls below the last Friday's price Credit: Shutterstock

the dollar opens lower today after a change in strategy

Central Banks

who announced it
it will freely intervene in the market even if the rate is below $ 51.45, the ceiling of the non-intervention zone.

In its retail version, according to the first cut by the central bank, it is quoted at $ 45.91, which is 99 cents less than at the end of last Friday ($ 46.90). It's the lowest value since last Wednesday, when the currency was sold for $ 44.92.

In its wholesale version, at 11:49, it is trading at $ 44.91, 99 cents below last Friday's price. However, the day started with a steeper decline: seven minutes after the start of the round was sold for $ 44.42, which is $ 1.48 less than yesterday's price.

The retail price at Banco Nación fell from $ 47 to $ 45.70. Other private entities sell it for $ 46.40.

In the middle of Argentina, other emerging market currencies show mixed trends. Against the dollar, South African rand appreciated 0.63%. Mexican peso (0.44%), Chilean peso (0.33%), real (0.20%) and Turkish lira (0.08%) are amortized. In other words, weight is one of the great winners of the first minutes of the morning around the world.

In general, the US dollar is gaining strength worldwide. The dollar index, which measures the value of the currency against others, such as the euro or yen, is 0.04% this afternoon.

Last week, the retail dollar went from $ 43.69 on Monday to Friday at $ 46.90. It was an advance of 7.3%.

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