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End of hantavirus isolation: Mayor Epuyen lifted restrictive measures

Mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, reported lifting most of the restrictive measures saved after the outbreak of the hantavirus. In addition, he mentioned the "health, social and economic" impact of this disease.

"The mood of the population is better and this Friday, 1 February I'm about to pick up almost all the measures which has been dictated by the resolution, "explains the community head, which will not affect meetings, constraints on timetables and the use of garters in public places.

Decision 007/2019 will therefore be amended to make the conditions set at the beginning of January more flexible. Before the outbreak of the virus, the Epuyen organs were resolved " suspend all group activities for forty consecutive days. "

On the other hand, Reato said Non-ventilation controls will continue: "We will maintain minimal care in closed locations for about 10 days until mid-February because if we are going to deal with how we keep a little more".

"The problem of the Hanta is improving," said the mayor, "and the situation is hopeful because you will notice it in the street, in the shops, in the supermarket, especially because no more patients are already in intensive care since the weekend, many emerge from selective isolation, and very few will be left for the next week. "

On the other hand, Reato attempted the damage caused by this disease: "The impact was the first sanitary, then social and finally economicbecause it has influenced our tourism, an important source of revenue for us and the region in general. "" The bomb has hit us, "he finished.

After an outbreak that was declared at the beginning of December, 31 cases of hantavirus They were confirmed in Chubut. 11 people died as a consequence of the disease of the transmitted mouse with a long stroke.

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