Wednesday , May 22 2019
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Events, bullfighting and arrest marching to Plaza de Mayo

mobilization towards Plaza de Mayo, where the central act of strike led Truckers and two CTAs were held, had Your moment of tension at 12:40 at the crossroads of May and July.

The city police have arrested 32 people, between defendants for the destruction of collectives and. t 20 arrested for attacks on banks after noon for destruction at Banco Galicia de Avenida de Mayo 1225, with anotherwith the suspicion that Banco Francés was thrown into the facade. During the operation, there were matches and some run until the soldiers managed to control the situation.

Meantime Members of various unions continue marching towards Plaza, where Pablo Moyano should speakIn general, unemployment felt little and the usual movement of a working day was registered in the city of Buenos Aires.

Most groups did not join the strike, trains functioned normally, and many people managed to get to the offices and the workplace despite the mobilization taking place in the center.

The events of central Buenos Aires are added to the attacks with Molotov cocktails that were registered during the early morning hours to avoid circulation of some bus lines. Despite this, most industries that work in the metropolitan area have not contributed to strength measures.

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