Fear of NASA for an asteroid that could land on Earth

A hypothetical conflict could occur on September 9, and although the options are one in 11,428, scientists are already analyzing how to avoid disaster.

Catastrophic films have already warned on several occasions that the asteroid could destroy Earth. Some with a happy ending for people like Armageddon, and others with the worst possible scenario, for example Deep impact, have always talked about a question that highlights researchers who analyze the behavior of the universe and how its heavenly objects affect our planet.

For these moments, the distant possibility of impact affects our world. The threat has a name, surname, and even the date of an approximate collapse: asteroid 2006 QV89 could have an impact on September 9 this year against our planet, according to the prognosis of a group of scientists.

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The conclusion was drawn during Conference on Asteroid Detection and Space Waste, which took place in Darmstadt, Germany, where they analyzed the behavior of this 40-meter-diameter stone.

According to researchers, the asteroid would have an impact on Earth for approximately speed 44,000 kilometers per hour and although the possibility of collapse is one of 11,428, it would do something similar to what happened in 1908 Tugunska, Siberia, when the meteorite destroyed an area of ​​2,000 square kilometers and overthrown 80 million trees.

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"With the data we have now, the probability of impact is equivalent to being traversed by a train if we have overtaken the road blindly," said Ettore Perozzi The Italian Space Agency (ASI) These measurements have relativized.

Source: radiomitre.cienradios.com

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