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Fernando Burlando has revealed how many prison years he will ask for Rodrigo Eguillor

December 8, 2018

Lawyer Lurd, the young woman who accused the son of the prosecutor, appealed the case after the case this Friday.

Fernando Burlando is an attorney Lourdes, a girl who reported being raped Rodrigo Eguillor, young man aged 24, son of the Prosecutor.

This Friday, the lawyer has filed for the hearing. "We had a very interesting audience." The person who leased Eguillor said Lourdes arrived perfectly in the San Telmo department without any psychological problem, "he said in radio reports.

Consulted on Eguillor, couple Barby Franco, said he "has a life full of lies and the owner of a place that rented a piece that is not a friend, among other things, said he was mythic, violent and aggressive with a woman who said she had cars, a house and 30,000 hectares of field," he said and criticized the young man who was shot on a train this Friday.

The victim's lawyer said they offered interviews and videos Eguillor in recent videos it has a lot of probative value. "He is accused of himself because he does not question what has happened and says that Lourdes has come in a very bad psychophysical state, which even a person who could not use quotations could serve as an alibi," he said in an interview with Dead Moskita,

Finally, Banter He added that "in this particular case, it is fantastic for us, and we are thinking about very high penalties, which are almost twenty years in prison," he said.

After news that surprised all the weeks, this journalist was criticized this Friday Monica Gutierrez The communicator in the interviews with the young person accused of sexual abuse and the terms used in the social networks are very much questioned, "Influencer",

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