Ford has embarked on the world of the "skilful devil"

Ford announced on Thursday the acquisition of the company Spin, emerging company "devil skates" electric Based in San Francisco.

For Ford, this agreement adds "devil skates" to a wide range future transport services, which already include on demand autonomous vehicles and shared transport services.

With this agreement, Spin found a buyer with financial capabilities after being expelled from several key markets.

"As more people see" diabol skates "as a viable choice for mobility, Ford is now well suited to working closely with Spin," the automaker said in a statement.

"Spin is an important step towards achieving our ambitious vision of the future of urban mobility," he added.

San Francisco was one of the companies that introduced "devil skates" on the streets in the spring, Occasional conflicts with pedestrians and driversIn March, Spin said it plans to deploy its services in 60 markets.

Finally, San Francisco granted permission to run "diablo skating" services to two companies, so Spin and other market participants. Spin also applied for traffic in Santa Monica, but was also refused by city authorities.

The company currently operates in nine cities and five university campuses, and says it has facilitated more than a million trips.

This assumes a much smaller volume than Bird and Lime, start-ups that have become market leaders.

Spin has raised funding of only $ 8 million, compared to the hundreds of millions captured by Bird and Lime. The company is considering raising funds through sales of vouchers for payment,

Skate investors were asking whether companies with smaller capital could keep up.

Axios Previously announced the deal on Wednesday.

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