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Frank Victory Total basketball games

The Leandro García Morales Institute was defeated by Frank for the first South American finals league from 92 to 90. The LGM broke it, had the last win, but it could not have been for Cordovan.

The first 20 minutes were even Leandro started with 8 points in under 7 minutes, but Brazilian team shooting was from another planet (11 of 18) to make Franca go for a 54-44 win.

In addition, Cordovan had to bounce back from the back, in the absence of 1.30 for the finals dropped ten units, but a few bombs and assists Garcia Morales made the Institute with a partial 8-0 give the ball. With 7 seconds in the "fame" class, a LGM offense was played, which was well defended by Frank and could not win the Cordovan.

It was Franca's 92-90 triumph, which gives a 1-0 series and was 40 minutes away by champion of the South American League, December 13 will be returning to Cordoba.

Leando Garcia Morales was the figure of the Institute, which placed 19 points, 5 assists, 3 jumps and 2 pieces in 25 minutes.

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