Freefall Dollar: He retreated on the third consecutive day Chronicle

The US dollar closed a week at $ 38.80 per unit, down from 1.84% yesterday, and a 4.9% advance over the last round last October. ,

At wholesale, this Thursday amounted to $ 37.72, down 1.92% from the previous day, while the US currency in this segment rose 4.92% this month.

Given the limitations imposed at the G20 summit, operations have been reduced today – just 3 hours – and the volume traded on the cash market has exceeded 305 million dollars.

The foreign exchange market dominated the supply of a continuous inflow of foreign currency from banks, exporters and investors.

This allowed the central bank to absorb a significant amount of pesos – approximately $ 40,905 million – and to specify a new drop in the Leliqs interest rate on average of 60,405%.

"The MULC in the first hour of operation declined by more than 80 cents due to the continued entry of foreign currency by banks, exporters and investors who found echoes on the demand side, as operators preferred the placement of pesos according to a varied menu of assets, different periods with still high rates ", ABC Mercado de Cambios said in its daily report.

Finally, $ 822 million was completed in the Rofex futures market.

Most, 65% of the total, were in contracts with maturity at the end of November and December, with the final prices being USD 37.97 and USD 39.26.

Different tranches have identified losses of more than $ 1 in the offer that accompany a cash-settled regression.

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