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Gifts for G20 Leader: Native bracelets, scarves and "pins" chosen by Juliana Awada – 11/28/2018

Juliana Awada she started her job as a fashion designer, in which she became a businesswoman who was suspended as her first lady. However, she was at the forefront of picking gifts for presidents and chairpersons of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

"The aim of Argentina's promotion of gastronomy, tourism, products and culture was at the heart of this election," they said. Clarin from the G20, coordinated by Hernán Lombardi.

So official gifts for leaders and their associates this year will be austere, elegant and indigenous: Men's shawls and silver bracelets for women, Altogether 38 of them were produced. And it will be a surprise: Argentine pins whose photos were not displayed.

Alpaka / male scarves: Scarves, brown, were created by Vicuña Spinner and weaver association "Belén, Cuna del Poncho". It measures 2 meters by 60 centimeters, they were knitted by hand and woven in a creole loom.

Official gifts for G20 leaders - La chalina

Official gifts for G20 leaders – La chalina

The association of rotary and weaving nativity scenes is a a productive business of 22 people which is intended for the manufacture of wicker, alpaca, lamina and sheep woven fabrics obtained by the cutting process. The project was born more than a decade ago by the Catamarka group of over 50 years. They specialize in the production of handmade blankets, poncho, scarves, rumons, pendants and cups.

Silver bracelet: The silver bracelet was developed by Ignacio Bárcena, a renowned Argentinean artist and jeweler who designed a "pure, discreet, elegant and timeless" bracelet. In a month, and together with his goldsmith, he developed a piece that represents the best of Argentinean silver and will be the gift of the Argentine presidency to leaders or partners. In the process of thinking, the first lady Julian Awad, with whom Bárcena led the dialogue, participated.

Pins for leaders: Official leaders' pins were also developed by Ignacio Bárcena. In the form of fans, they refer, on the one hand, to the "range of issues that the G20 is dealing with" and, on the other, to the impetus "Buenos Aires" where the summit is held. Pin contains a year, a part of the mandate of the G20 logo and the word "Argentina". It is a sober and clean pin that transfers leaders and their companions during their visit to the country.

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