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Godoy Cruz went on penalties and Boca will be a rival

Godoy Cruz defeated Paranina Patronato in a 5-4 shootout and qualified for the last 16 Super League cups to face Boca Juniors, third in the last championship.

There was equality in one goal at the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in the capital of Mendoza, as well as what happened last week in Parana.

In this way, access to the next key was defined by performing auctions from the twelve steps, where "Tomba" got better shooting.

Those who were led by Lucas Bernardi transferred five shots from the original series, while entrerriano took four and in the last hand handed Germán Berterame in a renowned form and allowed to save Robert Ramírez's goalkeeper.

Thus, Godoy Cruz will be the opponent of Boca Juniors in the next cup instance.
In 90 minutes almost no differences in development, to the point that the targets came up with maneuvers to trace.

In 11 minutes of the first half, Paraguayan got Diego Viera's head and used the Mendoza team.

Almost an hour later, at 12 o'clock in the match, Patronato won equality, with a perfect header from another Guarani, Gabriel Avalos, who left Ramirez.

In this meeting, there was a slight supremacy of the local cast, even though these better intentions lacked depth. The Rangers, Federico Costa, took turns taking turns when he had to intervene.

In the second season, with the entry of Uruguayan Santiago Garcia, Tomba & # 39; exhibited a decision to stay with the match in 90 minutes, but had no clear chances, over Miguel Merentiel's crucifix who found a good response. guest goalkeeper.

Patronato bet on more cautious behavior to try to get into the counter. But neither was very effective and the classification was resolved by penalties.


Godoy Cruz: Roberto Ramirez; Nahuel Arena, Diego Viera, Tomas Cardona and Facundo Rodríguez; Angel González, Hernán Bernardello, Kevin Gutiérrez and Agustín Verdugo; Victorio Ramis and Miguel Merentiel. DT: Lucas Bernardi
Board of Directors: Federico Costa; Lautaro Geminiani, Dylan Gissi, Matías Escudero and Bruno Urribarri; Gabriel Carabajal, Federico Bravo, Damian Lemos and Faustino Dettler; Germán Berterame and Gabriel Avalos. DT: Mario Sciacqua

Target in the first half: 11m. Faith (GC)
Target in the second half: 12m. Avalos (P)

Changes in the second half: 19m. Ezequiel Bullaude by Verdugo (GC) and Lautaro Comas by Dettler (P); 28m Santiago García Miguel Merentiel (GC); 32m Francisco Apaolaza for Avalos (P); 46m Leandro Lencinas created by F. Rodríguez (GC)

Penalty definition: Godoy Cruz 5 (transferred by Santiago Garcia, Diego Viera, Angel Gonzalez, Tomas Cardona and Hernan Bernardello) -Patronato 4 (scored by Federico Bravo, Gabriel Carabajal, Dylan Gissi and Lautaro Geminiani, Ramirez interrupted him on Germán Berterame).

Reminder: Bullaude (GC) Urribarri and Lemos (P)

Referees: Fernando Echenique
Stadium: Malvinas Argentinas (Mendoza) t

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