Goodbye Heroes Storm in the show, Blizzard changes direction

No more esports for Heroes of the Storm"There's something going on in Blizzard, and that's obvious. The company has been playing for players for a long time, but the last Blizzcon did not have a repercussion they would definitely want.

"Bug" has an immortal devil for a mobile phone that has not avoided a priori any good between players who wanted a new diabol but for PCs and desktop consoles. But it's not the only one. There are changes in Blizzard and we see a little bit of the consequences of these changes.

Now she touched Heroes of the Storm, the MOBA company that brings together the personalities of her various franchises. In addition to the dynamics of their games, Heroes of the storm stands out for all the characters we control in other games (Overwatch heroes without going further from FPS to MOBA).

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This is a game that deals with, but in the esport every time there was a smaller hole and their tournaments were moved to Global Champions of Heroes and Dorm Heroes, with the final in Blizzcon itself.

It will not be Blizzard closes esoteric door Heroes of the Storm it's a very difficult decision, but he thinks it's the best way to continue playing the game.

So, the HotS team has enough people to continue to support the game, but many employees have been moved to other areas of study and further video games have been developed (and support those that are already among us).

We will see this in what is translated and if the game can return to esport when the alleged version of Heroes of the Storm for mobile phones is launched.

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