Google has just patented a safer version of Apple's Face ID

Google Face ID patent

This Wednesday, a new patent registered by Google announced the company's intention include technology similar to Apple's Face ID, in other terminals.

According to a patent called Illuminated projector with a field-based pattern, Google will work on a system of infrared lights capable of detecting objects, basically the basics of face recognition technologies used by Apple in the iPhone, Huawei in Mate 20 Pro and several Xiaomi terminals. But the Pixel line is still missing.

However, the patent-pending Apple patent document shows that Google is proposing a novelty that goes beyond the user's identifier, as it can also be used determines the location of objects that contain light detectors in relation to other objects. For example, he would be able to read the location of the user's hand in relation to another part of the body where the light is written, capable of detecting gestures and performing functions based on it.

In addition to its usefulness in using mobile phones, Google that this system can be beneficial in various applications to detect the location of the object in the environment. These applications could include, for example, tracking of an unmanned aircraft.

A safer version of FaceId from Google

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In March of this information, Reuters reported that most Android phones will have to wait until 2019 to duplicate the 3D Sensor Face Detection function of Apple's ID, according to three major piece manufacturers. At that time it was stated that part of the delay was caused Lack of laser surfaces with vertical cavity or VCSEL inlet necessary for its implementation. Still, Google has decided to get to work.

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