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Google improves synchronization between Bluetooth devices

Google Pixel Buds

Google has just updated Fast Pair, the technology it has developed to improve and facilitate pairing between the Bluetooth wireless accessory with Android devices, which now lets you share your connection.

The fast pair is upgraded and Google is introducing improvements to its pairing system

Since the USB-C standard has begun to move to the ports jack for 3.5 mm headphones smartphones, the manufacturers started offers its users different types of alternativessuch as Bluetooth wireless headsets.

For example, Google offers Pixel Buds: a smart wireless headset design made by Google what Support Assistant and that they are one of Pixel 3 star accessories, the new Mountain View flagship.

Base of Google Pixel 3 with USB C

The fact is that this change in technology has prompted the manufacturer to step up its efforts to facilitate the task of combining this type of headset with mobile phones by Bluetooth users.

That's why a year ago, he introduced a new Fast Pair technology to connect a Bluetooth headset to Android devices simple, fast and safe way, Now, through a publication on an official blog, announced improvements in the system.

Fast Pair will be compatible with Chromebooks next year

With Fast Pair, Google comes to solve the lives of users: just by bringing two handsets to the Android device with this technology, immediately issue a pairing notification and connect both devices for a moment.

This also reduces the gap that separates those who still resist acceptance of this type of technology. Fast Pair uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to detect devices.

Specifically, improvements announced by Mountain View boys are related to those already familiar users who access their devices and can pair them with their Google accounts. share connections with other compatible devices with Android 6.0 or later, and with the latest version of Google Play.

In addition, the manufacturer also announced the technology will be compatible with Chromebooks since 2019in order to benefit those who have them. The manufacturer also said he is working with other industrial players to bring the Fast Pair to new compatible devices,

Finally, as Android pointed out, Mountain View's work is next to Airoh, BES and Qualcomm. add native support into software development kits (SDKs) to extend the standard.

Surely the time comes when we connect our Bluetooth headphones with ours smartphones be something as simple as connecting them to the port jack 3.5 mm.

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