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Grants: The vaccination campaign ends next Friday

Tuesday 27 November 2018 20:14

On Friday, the national vaccination campaign against measles, rubella, and CRS (Kongenal Rubella Syndrome) ends and the Provincial Ministry of Health strives to achieve greater coverage for children aged between 13 months and 4 years.

"Jackthe anointing will end on the 30th place, as determined. We work intensively. We have already vaccinated 92,000 children, from 13 months to 4 years. This week is intensively inoculated in areas where we need people to give children. We have, especially in capital, the need for those who have not yet been vaccinated, " said Dr. Ricardo Cortéz, Chief of Siprosy Immunization,

The specialist explained that "all campaigns have data on how the coverage is being analyzed. In this case, there are areas of the province where all were vaccinated, and there are other areas where they do activities like home vaccinations or go to different educational facilities to attract the other. "

He noted that there are approximately 16,000 children who have not yet received a dose. In view of this panorama, he reiterated that they are intensively working in all parts of the province where children are looked for in a nominal way.

The capital city, Villa Mariano Moreno, Tafí Viejo and Yerba Buena, Banda del Río Salí are the great conglomerates with the largest number of children to be vaccinated
said Cortez, and they would continue to work in these areas to capture them.

The doctor clarified that "As with any used vaccine, this additional dose must be administered because there is a group of children who do not respond to the first dose and who may get measles. "

You remembered it Vaccination is mandatory, He does not need a medical order and can go to any vaccinations, caps and hospitals in the province.

Cortéz said that once the campaign is over, areas where there are still benefits that will only work in these cases will be analyzed.

Source: https://lv12.com.ar/nota/50669/finaliza-la-campana-de-vacunacion-contra-el-sarampion-y-todavia-hay-16-mil-ninos-sin-la-dosis


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