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Hantavirus cases are excluded in Tandila and provide recommendations – Eko

Director of Bromatology, Veterinarian Federico Sánchez Chopa ruled out the Hantavirus cases in the city and pointed out that the rodent virus is located mainly in the Patagonian zone their own climatic conditions and fauna that determined their new appearance.

The report, which was expanded as quickly as possible by WhatsApp (which illustrates the note), warned several neighbors since the self-government was mentioned but did not have a specific job with Tandil.


– Avoid coexistence with rodents and contact their secrecy

– Prevent rodents from entering or nesting in households

– Look through openings in doors, walls and pipelines, maintain hygiene with water and bleach, place gardens and fuel dumbbells more than 30 meters away, cut grass and weeds within 30 meters of the house.

– Before entering the enclosed areas (houses, shelters), ventilate for at least 30 minutes. Before going in, cover your mouth and nose with a moist handkerchief.

– Clean (floors, desks, drawers and cabinets) with one part of the bleach every ten minutes (leave for 30 minutes and then rinse). Before you sweep, moisten the floor to avoid dust.

– When camping with weeds and landfills, do not go directly to the ground and consume drinking water.

– If a living rodent is found: use rodent poison or hunter to capture it (do not try to touch or hit it).

– If a dead rodent is found: Thoroughly bleach the bleach with all those who may be in contact and wait for at least 30 minutes. Then lift it with gloves and bend it more than 30 cm deep or burn it.

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