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He stepped in to steal a candy store, was caught by customers, and was defeated

The man who wanted to steal at Villa Adelina's confectionery was surprised client group response, who managed to catch him after he had reduced him to blows.

The event happened last Sunday at 17.30 at the "Colón", a bakery located in Avenida de Mayo 1198 in San Isidro in Buenos Aires.

The sequence that was recorded by local security cameras, captured the moment of the thief, characterized by dark glasses and a handkerchief, tries to bet the robber when it goes into the boxes of the device.

However, the plan has not been resolved as expected,

After the thief came to the treasurer to make the robbery come true, the handsome red-skinned client went looking for him and reduced to fist strikes and kicks, "You will only enter when I am!" The man who stood up shouted at him.

After being successfully controlled and immobilized, the other attackers surrounded the attacker and completed the task. But there was some confusion because there were other clients who tried to separate because he thought it was just a fight.

"I broke up with the fight"I did not realize until the police arrived," Leandro said in a conversation with the Canal TN about the injuries that remained in his hand. "I dragged it as quickly as I thought it was armed who would enter a bakery full of weapons?" He added. And he revealed: "I have already experienced a similar incident with other criminals"

The attacker was arrested by police after employees filed a complaint. But for that,attempted robbery "Without weapons, the defendant was already free.

"I did not finish reporting to the police station that they had left him"said Leandro. I live three blocks and I have five daughters. I'm afraid not for myself, but for my family, "he concluded with the possibility of repression.

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