He stole a car, shot the cops, and liquidated him in full Chronicle

Caco died after being hit by a bullet. (Illustrative image)

The villain who stole the car at Saenz Peña in Buenos Aires died of persecution and shooting that culminated when he hit a patrol car at collector General Paz Avenue in Buenos Aires, Villa Devoto.

It all started about half an hour. on Wednesday when the attacker stole the Chevrolet Corsa on Sabatini Street 4400 in Tres de Febrero.

According to police spokesmen, the security was irradiated by an armed robbery of the car, and troops from the patrol headquarters from three in February managed to identify several blocks from the scene and tried to stop their march.

In the face of this situation, the criminal began firing police and escaped to Buenos Aires, leading to persecution.

Police sources reported that the agents bounced off the attack and started a shootout that ended when the thief was hit by a bullet that caused him to lose consciousness and ended up crashing into a patrol car that chased him to General Paz Avenue-collector towards Río de at the Marcoz Paz Pay in Villa Devoto.

The police immediately asked for an ambulance from the SAME, whose doctors confirmed that the perpetrator had died, the spokesman said.

On the spot, the first experts of the Buenos Aires Police Investigation Agencies were informed about local commissioner 11B.

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