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His partner in Tinder saved his life by donating his kidney: "Literally …"

The young woman rescued her life after her partner, whom she met at Tinder, decided to donate the kidney to be transplanted.

Many would think that the social network Tinder It's just about going through relationships and that someone can barely find the love of their lives there. But no, sometimes beautiful stories happen. Like, for example.

She is called Cheyenne HanLee and met his friend, Gavin Geragawa, over TinderShe suffered a kidney failure and saved her life after giving her and kidneys,

They met, established a relationship and everything was fine until a few months later he passed out in the middle of dinner during one of his appointments. I did not know what was happening to him.

There he was diagnosed kidney failure, and started dialysis. But his case was so bad he needed urgent transplantation: the kidneys were working at 2%.

He did not hesitate: he gave kidneys, though she did not want to: "I can not express the words of Gavin's kidney. He literally saved my life"The young woman said.

"This is not a relationship. It's about giving you good lifethat she is healthy and that she is happy"He said from his side.

Source: RT.

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