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Horror: A young woman has become paraplegic after getting her nose pierced

February 12, 2019

The MRI found Layane, 20 years old, had half a pound of pus between her vertebrae, which was pressed against her. "I did not feel anything from my chest," he said.

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The 20-year-old girl became paraplegic after she had a nose piercing. Everything happened in July, when Layane Dias celebrated when he got an internship and planned a family trip when he started feel very strong pain in the back.

Despite pain-relieving medications, the pain continued to increase until he felt his feet stop, and then it became the rest of the body. "I did not understand anything from my chest", said a young woman during an interview with the BBC.

At that time Dias decided to go to the doctor and he had to be urgently operated after Magnetic resonance reveals that it has half a pound of pus between the three vertebrae that pressed on his spinal cord.

According to her story, this was explained by the neurosurgeon who visited her bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can transmit blood disease, he has entered his body with infections and asked him if he had a wound on his nose or something. "As he explained, these bacteria are usually formed in the nostrils. That's when I told him I had the penultimate month of my piercing. ", said a young woman.


He got a piercing, got infected and died

Surgeon responsible for surgery, Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez, assured that although it is something "Rare", Yippee "Perhaps piercing causes paraplegia", "It can occur in cases where there is some complication in the process ", he assured that he also admitted that he had not seen such a thing during his fifteen-year clinical experience.

In January, her case became public after the girl decided to tell her story about Instagram. "I want people to be more careful and choose a place where they will do piercing," he assured her.

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