How to find out if someone has accessed your Gmail account

One thinks it will not happen until it happens, and in the last few months it is very safe. Cybersecurity has become a first-class problem in digital life, and we simply can not rely on sufficient measures to protect our information, data and private communications.

Therefore, in Unocer, we still provide valuable information to help you have all of your platforms and accounts in place, and in today's chapter, we provide you with a wizard for checking all the devices that were connected to your Gmail account and confirmed that was not used without your permission.

Gradually check which devices are connected to your Gmail

1. For desktop computers

Sign in to your Gmail account in your browser.

Sign in to your Google Account by clicking on the Google profile photo, then clicking on "Google Account".

Then go to the "Access & Security" section and click on "Security Verification".

A list of events related to your Gmail account opens and you can see a list of all the accesses you've done in the "Your Device" section and remove everything that seems strange to you.

2. From your smartphone

Open the Gmail app

Go to the menu and click on "Settings" at the bottom of the list of features.

Click Manage Google Account.

Find the Access and Security section and click on it.

Locate and click on the "Recently Used Device" section.

Ready The same list appears and you can also manage it and delete any device you do not recognize.

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