I will never see a movie in which this coarse man works

Lorenzo "This" Ferro won the Phoenix Award for Best Actor for Performance in 2006 The Angel and to conclude his speech of acceptance, the young man surprised his controversial statement: "Fuck, Donald Trump" and "Fuck Mauricio Macri" were his words of farewell.

His mistrust was much discussed in networks and accepted both acceptance and criticism. Among those who opposed the acting words was Eduardo Feinmann, who could not claim that Ferro had offended Macri and fired violently on Twitter.

"Actor TOTO FERRO offended Democratic President Macri and Trump, I will never see the movie or game in which this rough guy works and the use of the international stage to disrespect the PRESIDENCY INVESTIGATION is REPUDIABLE, a journalist wrote on your Twitter account,

Feinmann had already fought another young actress when he insulted Angel Torres for carrying a green handkerchief during her performance of a national anthem at a public ceremony.

On which side are you?

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