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Imagine you walk into this wall of spiders and never sleep

Screenshot: YouTube

Do you know what is scarier than the spiders who crawled into your home in the middle of the night? Spiders in freaking sky, man.

The Guardian reported on Friday reports of such occurrence in Brazil, where people allegedly claimed to be "falling spiders". A video that recently shared Facebook's phenomenon in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais shows that hundreds of spiders, air-like something of your worst spider nightmares.

The video was reportedly filmed by 14-year-old Joel Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, according to Terra do Mandu's local news. Dona Jercina Martinelli, grandmother of teenagers, said there are "many more websites and thousands of spiders in English than they appear in video."

Whatever may be terrible, it's probably something common to species parawixia bistriata and occurs in warmer, wetter times of the year, says the Guardian, quoted professor and arachnological expert from Minas Gerais Province, Adalberto Santos. These arachnids are allegedly social creatures who are joining together to create one massive web they use to capture food. As for reports of "flying" spiders, which may be the result of ballooning behavior, Terra told Mandu.

Some spiders use balloons to capture wind shocks and surf the sky; Watching teens, tiny crab spiders do it is actually quite awesome amazing (though their presence in the sky is, you know, no). And the reader, even though I'm very sorry to tell you, are hardly the only spiders to "fly". In fact, these creatures are completely compelling; spiders can even sail for the wounds of God.

When talking to Gizmodo about flying crab spiders last year, Cheryl Hayashi, a spider biologist at the American Museum of Natural History, said that witnesses to this phenomenon "gives you deeper appreciation for how the spiders have evolved to do this – literally sailing through the air. "

Notwithstanding the incredible evolutionary achievements, one could forgive us for being spooked by spiders from the air.

[Terra do Mandu via The Guardian]

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