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"It's hard to score." The jury managed to move the Jury!

Last night was one of the most emotional nights Dance 2018, Several couples went to the dance park, willing to move and move with their original honors. In this case, Jimene Barn He was one of those who chose a very complex subject, I decided to take hold of Aretha Franklin. The actress and singer argued with her choice: "It has something to do with me, with the strong women who fought for their rights, in her case for civil rights," Jimena said.

Identity with Aretha seems to have allowed him to transfer all his feelings and managed to move the jury in spite of the inconvenience suffered by his partner Mauro Caiazza at the time he started his performance. The first person to qualify was ngel de Brito: "I liked the second part more than the first, I also chose the themes, I saw some inaccuracies that did not matter so much, I loved the ballet and the final touches were singers," he said. journalist with secret ballot.

Prior to the return of Laurent Fernndes, Barn spoke of the failed moment of the dance, and there was a mistake in opening a huge screen, and his dance was crushed, something that turned his attention away, causing the actress to appear with fear and a little distorted in the production. After her excuse, Laurita said, "At the end she gave her a lot of strength, I'm glad Jimena was singing, and they were not about emotions, but talent," she criticized the blonde for the podium and qualified 8.

Later, Florence Pea joins the return of Fernndes: "It is difficult to evaluate the tribute, I like to listen to Jimena before the screen, I did not know." So it must be because art is alive and there are imperfections, "said the actress and put in. Fourth, Marcelo Polino concluded a round of returns:" I did not know much about the life of this woman, just the songs, I realized the mistake and it made the performance worse "condemned the strongest podium and scored a blunt 2.

The couple got a good score: 18 points, something that leaves them in the middle of the table, since the lowest was for Julino Serrano and Sofi Morandi, the youngest in the competition won 9 points and were at the limit of the sentence. Finally, Jimena Barnov√° closed her presentation at night and thanked her and said goodbye to the controversial statement: "I want to know my embarrassment and my anger with patriarchal justice that has liberated the femicides Luca Prez, but to be today and always," he concluded.

I looked at choreography Jimeny and Mauro:

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