Johnnie Walker & Lemon, what is anger in the afternoon Polo

Who said whiskey is just for special occasions? Or what should be used only "on the rocks"? This drink – which is increasingly used by its fans and attracting a new day to day – is set to the top of the ground.

And Polo Open is not a stranger. Johnnie Walker House, a new Scottish label design for lovers of this drink, was set up with Johnnie Walker & Lemon, the exact combination of Red Label, ice and lemon lime soda with a "lime juice" dash.

Whiskey is a classic spirit and its ritual is valid. Johnnie & Lemon Highball, easily prepared, refreshing and low in alcohol.

Various celebrities such as Benjamin Vicuña, Juan Gil Navarro, Pepe Barroso, Fran Stoessel, Lucho Jacob, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, and Astrid Muñoz took part in the event and enjoyed the Signo and Rodriguez Zubieta DJs.

This is the first time that Johnnie Walker is present at the Open Polo Championships in Argentina. Besides being one of the sponsors of the tournament, the pedestrian brand has its own space where guests can enjoy the best beverages every Thursday until December 6th and after each game.

First after extended until 00:00 with live music, artists and a diverse gastronomic design.

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