Juan Acosta is a tweet that sparked a network dispute – 11/08/2018

Juan Acosta He returned because of controversial comments on Twitter. "I live paying taxes, everywhere you decorate, Bolivia in the corner has a huge truck, gets wealth, does not charge you invoices, laughs me and I'm a discriminator," he said, amid the news cataracts through social networks. And criticism was raining.

Actor and comedian who leads the show at National Rock (Discussion in the rock) and that in his description of Twitter is defined as "anarcomacrista", he received hundreds of messages for his controversial tweet, where he punished "Bolivian who has a huge truck" and parks in a place that is not allowed.

"Chetos of Palermo are Argentinian and do not even provide an invoice. "Showroom, address and private prizes""The user has ironically said." While writing these pelotudes, Bolivian is still working from the corner, he is sure he works from Monday to Monday and he wakes up in front of you and goes to bed later, pays and chooses oil here, not in Bolivia, consumes and lives here. you do not bring anyone, rape, "he wrote.

In front of such a strong critic, the humorist understood that this message was not stained with racist coloring. "My boyfriend and boyfriend is Bolivia, it's love, and I laugh at you very much, it's not nationality, it's the quality of people, no matter how they are, they're sons of bourgeois of all nationalities, sometimes you know, mate," he said.

Raúl Rizzo and Juan Acosta, in one of the many media breaks of rupture. Acosta is defined as

Raúl Rizzo and Juan Acosta, in one of the many media breaks of rupture. Acosta is defined as "anarcomacrista".

He added, "If you are a neighbor who bangs and misuses you, you say that you are an American, you praise and ask you to condemn it." If you say he is Bolivian, they'll fuck you, a neighbor who grumbles you, Fuck you, but the story goes into every small bottle … "

It is not the first time Acosta, who has had no problems in publishing his sympathy with the government in recent times, is battling birds of the social network or someone in the world of national entertainment that supports Kirchner.

At that time, to quote the case, Acosta punished a musician through Twitter Ivan Noble: "Yesterday I wanted to say goodbye to Ivan Noble yesterday, and he was distancing himself, getting hard and saying, "Do you mind?" "No, no"He said with an idiot face. If he said "yes", one would believe it. They broke in their beliefs (the masks they call them). What do you think you are? "

Another of the harsh reports he usually makes of his Twitter was against the Argentine Actors' Association and especially against director Alejandro Darinn. "I do not like the Kirchnerist Actors, where his driver congratulates the unionists on the subway strike, "he said at that time.

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