Judicial Lurual Judge Lleral …

"Judge Lleral issued a political decision, an offer to the government and the G20, closing down the Maldonado and Jones Hual cases," he said. Page / 12 one of the lawyers of the complaint, who supposed to challenge the decision to invalidate the results of expert opinions. "Lleral was the director of the management and at the time of the autopsy he chose the lawyers who checked the test, he did not fit the money that was more important than DNI, a test he neglected," explains Mauricio Rojas APDH. In other words, in addition to appealing to a single accused police officer, they will also question the chain of evidence care.

The cause, which had just reached the deadly turn, began with a judge who ordered the repression in the territory that had been acquired by Mapus in Cushame, where Santiago Maldonado disappeared and looked dead and had to investigate himself. "Santiago drowned," he told reporters. It was a place in the file, but it really was out of the mouth with something that had already been sealed from the start. The judicial system, as well as in all cases of forced disappearances and institutional violence, has worked to cover the gendarmes' crimes.

Gustavo Lleral came over the human nature with regard to Mapuch and another image was built. I went to Pu Lofa unconnected, I received relatives, but I sent all the measures they had requested to the archive. When he took over, Otranto's illegal tapping was already in the file, and only when the potato was too hot he responded. Again, he interrupted and ordered his destruction. On two occasions he maneuvered himself to monopolize case communication and forced the quarrels to be silent: day of body discovery and morgue. So two days before the elections in 2017 he carefully selected his words: there are no signs that the body would be injured. The fate of the case was determined.

That day was forced to leave the room where an autopsy was done by all lawyers. The money that was in Santiago's trouser pocket was on the table, and it never checked. Complaints plan to convict him of poor performance for not having saved the chain of care for this and other elements, including DNI. One of the measures that has never been done is the reconstruction of the facts, the campfire analysis that the applicants made on the day they entered Pu Lofa, where they could (or could not) be the remains of a young anarchist tattoo artist's backpack. The backpack never appeared. "The porter did not take part in the disappearance or death of Maldonado," wrote Lleral. Some may be surprised, those who thought that in the appearance of the body, all responsibility of the repressive government of Mauritius Macri was freed. In his mild ways, the judge proceeded with another style initiated by Otranto: a leg of hiding a state crime.

Today they are celebrating yellow factories that emit pus and poison without mercy and revitalize those who have lost their loved ones and fought helplessly more than a year against the state and the media apparatus. But this story continues in Washington at the headquarters of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights OAS, where Argentina has already passed a verdict on the forced disappearance of the young Mapuche Ivan Torres

"Santiago voluntarily entered the icy waters of the Chubut River and died there without witnessing that tragic end," Lleral said. Once again, his honor lies, because, when he had no ambition to broadcast live and live microphones, the autopsy was attended by 55 experts when he was around 28. Not only were the Mapuche witnesses, the gendarmes also said they saw him. Maldonado was a few seconds away when he ran.

"It's confusing, Lleral first says he will unite the habeas corpus with forced disappearance, dismiss Emmanuel Echazu's gendarmerie, and ultimately give habeas corpus," said Rojas of APDH. The Authority will issue a statement on the political implications of the decision in the context of the G20 in a short time. Lleral also filed a file on the forced disappearance of Santiago.

This decision ratified the position of the family, which for several months insists that a genuine impartial investigation of forced disappearance followed by the death of Maldonado has never begun. That's why the battle does not end, no matter how many people pretend it is. Local and international appellate courts will have the final say.

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