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Kourtney Kardashian continues to suffer for her ex Scott Disick

Tension between Kourtney Kardashian, your ex Scott Disick and the current pair l, Sofia Richie seems to have gone through. In December, he took a little vacation with the children of a former couple, which was interpreted as a drop in the guards that both women maintain. However, according to new press reports specializing in celebrities, the mother of three will suffer again for Scott and all for a possible commitment to the 20-year model.

A 35-year-old businesswoman reviewed the engagement ring section at the Polacheck luxury jewelery store in Calabasas last Thursday, and Kourt is afraid he will eventually be announced. "Kourtney She's afraid that Scott will suggest Sof. The closer they become Kourtney, Sof and Scott during the holidays, Kourtney realizes more about Scott's love for Sof and that the suggestion could be around the corner, revealing exclusively to Hollywood's life a source close to the oldest Kardasian clan.

According to information, though Kourt He feels good when he sees him in a healthy and stable relationship and where he can be happy, but he also scares him to think he can lose him forever. At the bottom of my heart, I always thought we'd have more kids with Scott, because they could ever be together again. In the past, Kourtney has expressed the desire to have his fourth child with Mason, 8, Penlope, 6 and Reign for 3 years. He even enjoys keeping Kardashian with his frozen smile in the hope of another pregnancy.

"However, Kourtney knows how Scott can be unpredictable and romantic, so he prepares for a surprise surprise that he is compromising with Sof, or something worse, suddenly escapes with her, which traumatizes Kourtney, "said the source. The couple left more than a year before eventually adopting a new the relationship of the father of their children, and it was not easy for the young model to gain respect and acceptance of the clan, which usually closes families in terms of family.

Adems Sofa accompanies Scott in an amazing new-year escape from Kar-Jenner to Aspen. Kourtney's family was relieved to finally get in touch with Sof, because she was really like her and she just waited for her mother's approval of the three to approve her glorious clan.

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