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La Plata: Juana Carolina died Bržez Rojas, the pregnant woman who had burned her husband

A woman who was a businessman from Paraguay died after suffering 12 days of suffering, she told Telam's healthcare provider, where she was hospitalized since January 18, after burns she suffered during her husband's fight,

The incident occurred in the 115th Street House, between 514 and 515, where the woman argued with her partner identified by police sources like Isidoro Brizuela (26).

According to the survey, Britez Rojas was then injected with diesel and ignited, so he suffered burns in 30% of the body.

During this episode, Brizuela started burning flames and died an hour later after being hospitalized with serious injuries because 75% of his body was affected by fire.


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One of the hypotheses that investigators can handle is that a man has attacked a woman because she wanted to break him out of the house, both of whom shared because of his dependence on alcohol.

Diego Brûtez Rojas, the victim's brother, told the press that "it was a femicide" and said "according to neighbors, he said for several days that he was about to kill her and was preparing for fire."

The fact is being investigated by the prosecutor of Platense's Instruction Ana Medina.

In a situation of gender violence, it is always appropriate to file a complaint. You can call 144 24 hours a day. You can also go to the police station for women and family, or somewhere near a police station. You can also ask the Court to move or prosecute. Here all agencies are dependent on the nation state, where consultations and relevant complaints can be submitted.

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