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Leonardo Ponzio might have legal problems when entering Madrid

Definition Libertadores Cup It has all the elements for fiction. General confusion about the chosen location, about the request Mouth about getting a title on the tables, about violent acts registered in Monumental and the decision to go to the stadium Real Madrid is a dramatic episode that could be displayed on a large screen.

In the last hours, Leonardo Ponzio he became one of the star protagonists of the novel because of his past in Zaragoza, According to newspapers Mark from Spain, steering wheel Millionaire I could have it legal disadvantages when you enter the Iberian capital participated in the case concerning the alleged arrangement of the matches when he was a team player Aragón,

Meetings for which the captain is cast Núñez refers to who questioned Zaragoza and Levante in Season 2010/11 from League, which corresponds to the last day of the contest.

On this occasion, uThirty Zaragoza players got about 120,000 euros before the game dispute in May from 2011Because none of the protagonists could justify the mysterious income have progressed to make it February it was announced all participants will take part in the court proceedings in September 2019.

The Provincial Court in Valencia, the city in which the controversial match ended with victory Zaragoza from 2 to 1 ruled for Ponzio two years in prison and six years of disqualification for sport.

What lawyers River trying to confirm is that the situation of a midfielder does not prevent him from entering Spain, as the sources of prosecution would be those who would be can not perform professional activities in a European country for at least six years,

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