Lions debuts at the World Ice Hockey Championships in India in 2018

Argentinský mužský hokejový tím, Lions, debutan now in the world discipline that is disputed in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar. The opponent is Spain, within Group A, an event from which to follow live ESPN,

In the Argentine Team Zone led by Germans Orozco, the current Olympic winner after the gold medal in Rio 2016, there are also New Zealand and France. The first of each group will go directly to the quarterfinals, the second and third will play a qualifying match first.

Since this year the World Cup has increased the number of participants, from the usual 12 federations went to 16 years to solve the last title of the year before the premiere of the Pro League, a new tender to be launched in January.

The Lions are named the number two in the world, and with the effectiveness of Gonzalo Peillat in a short corner as his great weapon.

The latest Iberian link last year was the fourth place in the World League. In 2016 at the European Games in Riga, the European team finished fifth when it lost the chance to fight for the medal by falling into the quarterfinals just before Argentina in the game a minute and a half. conclusion with the transformation of veteran Juan Gilardi of stroke,

"Argentina will end the Olympic dream and our goal is to be the first in the group and that's what we started winning." Xavi Lleonart, 172 times international. "We are two similar teams, but they have Gonzalo Peillat who is the best in the world in running the short corner. It's a plus. They know that each one, 90% of the time, is the target. That's the difference. But we have weapons to refute and we hope to get three points. It's not a matter of having a thorn in our head, but it's not bad that fate gives us this opportunity, "he added.

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