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Loma Hermosa femicide stopped

femicide of a beautiful hill 1920s
The Buenos Aires province this morning arrested the man who murdered his partner, Andrea Gabriela Lópezová, 46 years old and the mother of three children in town Beautiful hill, the party of Tres de Febrero.

The local patrol headquarters, from a large-scale investigation to find a murderer, held the femicide that killed the woman in the early hours of the previous Friday with the strangulation with which he had been linked with love, and threw him on a public highway.

The object was captured inside a house located on Kubská Street, 9500, where he was hiding and bleeding in his left hand with a cut at the height of his left wrist.

The police transferred it to a branch and then to a regional hospital to focus on her, in a case called "Qualified Murder".

The victim had a relationship with the killer for more than 20 years. The body was found at 7.30 on public roads next to a dump in the streets of Primera Junta and París in the neighborhood of Libertador.

Although it turned out that the body was worthy of a moving car, a later inspection of the security cameras located on the opposite sidewalk allowed for a moment when a man in dark clothing appeared on a corpse-carrying scene, and he continued to lean beside the tipper.

The camera that captured the subject is a hardware store "La Pulsiana" owned by Raúl Viatri, the father of the football player Lucas Viatri.

UFI No. 6 said he was in charge of Dr. Costa Judicial Department of San Martín.

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