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Lunari: "Carrascal is not like Neymar, he has things from Riquelme"

River Plate abroch to his third reinforcement. Upon arrival, the defender Robert Rojas and front Matas Surez, a millionaire has reached an agreement with Carpathian Lvov from Ukraine so that Jorge Carrascal Become a La Band player. A 20-year-old player, nicknamed "Colombian Neymar"arrives in the" Nez "institution until December 31 of this year with the possibility of buying three million euros.

Ricardo Lunari, former coach Millionaires from Colombia, he was technical director who debuted in the first division. On November 9, 2014, when the ambassadors lost 1-0 against Deportes Tolima, Monkey brought Jorge, who was then sixteen. After four years of this, DT's dialogue with the El Mundo Ftbol club and referred to the arrival of the Carrascal River Plate.

"He is a man with a lot of conditions, a great talent for becoming very young in Europe, he did not participate in Colombia a little bit, but he had a lot to continue to grow. It was a mistake for me to sell him so soon, although he overcomes the adversity because he has a lot of uprisings , I gave him at sixteen because he saw incredible qualities in the training and time showed us that we are not wrong, "said a 48-year-old former footballer.

However, Ricardo disagrees with those who call him "Colombian Neymar" because he has similar characteristics to another player. "For me, it's not like Neymar, he has things like Riquelme, because he can jump, perform and jump with incredible moves and resembles Juan Fernando Quintero than Pity Martnez in a style very similar to D'Alessandro because it's more than it has, and order, "he said.

Finally, Lunari spoke of the role of Carrascala in the field: "It is not a forward, a midfielder who can play on the sides and is more organizer than a shooter, at that time it was hard for him to return, although he could fix it in time. was very young and has no time in Europe. After my stay in Ukraine, I hope the river is a step he needs. "

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