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Many go on tour to see Bernabéu, but the Superfinal scarves around the stadium are exhausted

At 19:30, Madrid was already dark, in the middle of winter, and Juan, Argentinian, who has been in the Spanish capital for about five years, has a luxury dismantling "chiringuito" (a small cart) in one of the corners of the Santiago stadium. Bernabeu, in the magnificent Paseo de la Castellana to come home.

"It's cold and I almost sold everything, so tomorrow (Saturday) I'll come back with more scarves because Fortunately, I sold them all"he says Infobae, with grimasy of satisfaction.

Juan reveals that he has not yet calculated how much money he has raised, but estimates that "about € 2,000" worth € 10 the topcoat of Superclásico Copa Libertadores, which in the style of matches in the European Cup is divided into two parts, the left half with the colors of the River Plate and the right, with Boca, which contain an important mistake because it is written without this goal, "Boca Junior", although it does not bring him problems, says , at the time of sale.

"It's a drop, because so many people have not yet appeared. There are very few, but fortunately, these products are doing very well and even a few flags, "he says, this Saturday, and especially Sunday, that it will be warmed again with the coming of the Argentines who come to the last moment from all over Europe and the country. says Juan.

On the other side of the stadium, on the Padre Damian Boulevard and on the return to the second Concha Espina Street, you can see a lot of people turning around and several buses parked in the area, but it's a miracle. It's about it Real Real fans from across the country and tourists from around the worldwho are leaving Santiago Bernabeu after visiting a guided tour of the facility use what is called "Constitution Bridge" in Spain for the holidays on Wednesday 6th (1978) and Saturday (Day of Immaculate Conception) so many people went on trips or from different provinces, she came to Madrid for a walk.

The public visiting the stadium. This journalist, who went looking for his accreditation at the door 55 faced by Avenue Padre Damian, was approached Real Madrid partners offering tickets, with prices from 250 to 300 euros for all sectors.

The question why the difference between such different locations is so small is the answer with a certain mysterious aura that it is a "rare game" and when noticing our accent, occasional sellers will radically change from demanding to demanding and they asked us if many Argentinians come for the final day.

"That's it there is little, although we know that scarves are sold to everyone, "they say.

Close to two concentration hotels, there are few fans in the distance of two metro stations (Begoña, line 10, river, Herrera Oria, line 9, Boca). During the day, some people still roam, but at night, perhaps because of the cold, they are very rare.

For the time being, of the five thousand tickets available in every club in Argentina, hardly if the sale is close to half, probably due to the expensive prices between travel, stay and place.

"We believe Argentina will be far more Argentine than those who live in Argentina," they tell us ticket vendors, with a clear connection to Real Madrid and very close to the pavement box office.

At this point, for about 20 years, Juan, Argentinian in a scarf, was already in the subway on his way home, because the new big hall is Saturday, trying to go again at night without his hands, unimaginable business.

"What makes me happy is that I think I responded quickly. Once I knew it was in Madrid, I got ready"he says, winking with a deep smile.

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