María Eugenia Vidal, about her role in 2019: "All but the President's options are open"

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Javier Corbalan

Governor of Buenos Aires,

María Eugenia Vidalová
, was in the program
TN Central, which is transmitted
TN, and referred to

2019 presidential election
"All the options, except the president, are open," he said. Then he explained that he would determine the next year for which candidate he would take

We will change

"I did not specify my candidacy when I talked about the project and the change, I'm talking about the team and I do not believe in the Messianic leader or in the one who guarantees the elections, I believe in the team, I really believe in a project that defends values ​​and I support where I should be where is better, "he said later.

As for the results, we will get a change in October next year, saying: "I do not think Argentina wants to return, I do not think Buenos Aires wants to return to the province of privileges, corrupt."

He then mentioned the difficult economic situation in the country. The governor admitted: "I knew it would be hard and I still know it." However, he said he did not feel the fear of a possible social overflow in December. "The path of the recurring economic crisis at the age of 70 has not changed in three, it is important to start." In addition, he noted that his relationship with

Mauricio Macri
The turbulence that the government is experiencing has not been disturbed at any moment, and that in the most difficult times of this year communication with the nation was fluid.

The governor defined it

that next week it will be voted "consistent" with what they have been doing since their accession. "When I became governor, I said," I suppose it's a broken province. "And it was not metaphorical, it was literal, and for three years we preferred the same places: security, social policy and labor, that's the resources. We worked every time to ask for less debt, this year we demand less than the previous and last year less than in the previous year to reduce the deficit and reduce taxes. "

Vidal confirmed that the approximate number that the "lost" province in this budget was 25 billion. He explained, however, that during these years of management they managed to save "about 20 billion unnecessary expenses". He explained that these savings were achieved by reducing political positions and advertising guidelines, among others. Finally, he remarked, "Today we are asking the national government to update us on the Fondo de Conurbano."

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