Mars Lander starts digging on the red planet

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NASA's latest Mars Lander began digging into a red planet, but struck a few seizures, scientists say. The German drill instrument on the InSight landing gear hit what looked like a couple of stones. It only managed to go between 18 inches and about 50 centimeters, which is well beyond the first trench, says the German Air Force. The "mole" hammer was developed by the engineering company Astronika in Poland. "This is not a good news for me, because even if the hammer proves … Mars environment is not very favorable for us," said chief engineer Jerzy Grygorczuk. Gradually, the team shoots up to 5 meters deep, which would mean another world record. Lander digs deep to measure the inner temperature of the planet. InSight landed on Mars in November. Flight Control at the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California sent orders to the landing platform on Thursday to start digging. He will rest for a while before he reheats. The spacecraft already has a seismometer on its surface, listening due to a potential earthquake. Lander is stationary but has a robot lever to maneuver these two major experiments. Australian Associated Press

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