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"Maybe I lost my chance to secure the future of my family" – El Ciudadano and the Region

After the executive committee of the Central turned the transfer of Fernando Zampedri to Independiente, the striker issued a hard statement in which he turned to the fans and said he was dissatisfied with the "failure to secure his future" of the family

"Central refused surgery Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the club and spoke with the leaders to consider the possibility of improving the contract." I explained that the desire for my transfer was based on an economic problem: the answer was blunt: I do not deserve any compensation. we will see if he cancels the debt they have with me, whose payment I will immediately demand, "said Zampedri.

"I'm human, no matter," the attacker warned. "There is often a question of the attitude of the players pushing the clubs, I did not, and maybe I lost the chance to secure the future of my family, and in football it is the rule: good attitudes are signs of weakness," he said.

Zampedri also tested the chronology of events. "Since January 3, Independiente has started negotiations to hire me, announced a transfer offer to the Central and with a job offer to my agent." Although my salary growth was very significant, I understood that Central had to confidently negotiate and defend its position, "he said. "Until Tuesday, I never talked to the Central Leaders to exert pressure, and in respect of the institution, I continued to be absolutely normal and professional," El Toro said.

And he went on to offer details of the negotiation: "The Head of Central originally set a 3 million-dollar position when Independiente's first design was $ 1.5 million. I lent my co-operation to give up the debt the club had with me and after weeks of negotiations reached $ 2.8 million net. "

Although Central was grateful, Zampedri acknowledged that "my family is the first one I am a professional footballer I dreamed of getting into big football a couple of years ago, in two weeks I was 31 years old I have a family to support and maybe even a couple of years to try to secure our future, "he said.

"I was always grateful to Central," Zampedri repeated. "There is no better way to show gratitude than to break my soul in every training and every game." The training can confirm how many times I played infiltrated.

Zampedri is not a demagogue. "Central is a great institution, but it's not" my house "or" my mother "or" my life. "I'm professional and I'm rewarding for work, fans are excited that the protagonists sell smoke, but that's not me. I have the football to secure the economic future of my family in a few years of my career, "he said.

At the closing of the statement, Zampedri demanded that "all this does not affect my performance, if that happens, know that I am the main victim, I will continue to give everything from me, first of all for my family, I am sure, because I am professional and I owe to my employer, thirdly, my colleagues and the technical team that has always supported me, and of course for fans who do not realize this conflict, I will train again tomorrow (Friday), I hope Saturday has the opportunity to jump to the pitch. best when I have to defend this institution, "he concluded.

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