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"Megaman" controlling the navel

31 January 2019

The Duchess of Sussex attended the National Theater as a godfather. Meghan looked perfect for her pregnancy for over six months, although the elastic showed a little more than she wanted.

At the beginning of the year, in the field of British royal parents' communication, it was mentioned what four entities would be the Duchess of Sussex as a godfather. After sending out, Meghan Markle was responsible for starting visits and started with Smart Works, which helps women in long-term unemployment to regain the confidence they need to succeed in job interviews.

The second shift was Mayhew, an association that works for animal welfare, but the third visit is one of the places that really touches the heart of his profession he has left to marry Prince Harry and become a part of royal authority: National Theatre. Patronage inherited her from the grandmother of her husband Queen Isabel II and allowed her to meet with several actors, as well as workers in the field of carpentry, blacksmithing and painting.

Upon arrival to the theater, The duchess's styling once again showed that her choice for the appearance she has in public is meant to be extreme, because with two cream-colored pieces from Brandon Maxwell she showed up in her splendor and emphasized her pregnant belly. The outfit was completed with sandals associated with the Aquazzury ankle (those he wore on the day when the official commitment was announced). The rest of the look consisted of Carolina Herre's handbag and yellow gold earrings.

The detail that many have highlighted was brassieres the Duchess, as she had bigger breasts in advance of the pregnancy, the fabric indicated an armed creature, something I did not want to get out of. What came out with pride and which excelled in the characteristic pose that the Duchess received by swallowing her arms under her stomach was the navel that had appeared, which meant that Meghan had entered the third trimester of her pregnancy.

The body of a pregnant woman is changing for weeks until it is There is a time when the volume of the uterus is such that it pushes the little memory that still remains from our umbilical cord. In those moments, the navel is no longer room and looks like a small button.

According to experts, the kidneys have "jumps" during the third trimester of pregnancy (approximately from the 28th week), long after the dark line (not rated for all pregnant women), called Linea alba. As mentioned, one that is more or less dependent on the elasticity of the skin and the relaxation of the muscles of a pregnant woman.

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