Mica Viciconte joined the scandal Sol Pérez and Cristian U with a controversial revelation

Sol Perez recently said that a few years ago, when he participated in the fighting, he suffered harassment from his partner and said he had come up with a request for "piquitos" in exchange for voting for this competition. Obviously, he denied everything and called him "quilombera" to dismiss his statements. Previa del cameras went to see Micu Viciconte, who was also a part of the cycle and shared many hours with the former GH.

While Cuber's girlfriend clarified that she was not part of the season's cycle that all happened, she admitted she had another unpleasant situation with Cristian U. "I shared a lot with him, he was not part of my team, but his opponent and what I can say is that he's a complicated person in the game, I did not suffer on his side like the Sun, but because of the competition I had strong encounters and arguments."

Closed: "The truth is, I do not want to get into something that does not answer me, but I can tell you that I'm on Sol's side because I know something about it, I insist on it: I will not say if it was harassing or not, it was at a time when I was not there, but I have no good memories about it. "

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