NASA sets on partner announcements to send crew to the moon

NASA today announced its new monthly partnership with US companies. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will announce today at 14:00 EST, which will also be broadcast on the NASA website. The partnership will be an integral part of future NASA missions on the Moon and Mars.

NASA is committed to sending the crew back to the Moon on the basis of a directive by Republican President Donald Trump. Last December, the President signed the Space Policy Directive-1, which instructed NASA to prioritize mission to the moon.

The President directs NASA to return to the moon

"The directive I am signing today will change the US space exploration and discovery program that is the first step towards the return of US astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972 for long-term exploration and exploitation," the president said during the signing ceremony. NASA must work closely with a private business on the mission's financial capabilities.

The last time he was a man on the moon, more than 45 years ago, the mission corresponded 25 billion dollars, which would adapt to inflation $ 150 billion today.

Trump's report was clear in its directive and demanded that the NASA Administrator "lead an innovative and sustainable survey program with business and international partners to enable human expansion over the solar system and bring back new knowledge and opportunities to Earth.

Starting with missions in the Earth's low orbit, the United States will lead people to return to the Moon for long-term exploration and recovery, followed by human missions on Mars and other destinations. "

Financial partners needed to share mission costs

The Space Directive called on NASA to develop a research campaign, national and agency efforts focusing on three major areas: the low Earth orbit; moon orbit and surface; and Mars and other targets in deep space.

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