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New battle between Jorge Rial and Yanina Latorre 2019

The driver and the panelist found a new reason to fight: their daughter.

The Argentine Entertainment Classical War has added a new chapter. Jorge Rial and Yanina Latorre They switched to social networks with a reason they had not talked about: their daughters Rocio and Lola, respectively.

The new battle began when a panelist from Los Angeles de la Mañana (El Trece) decided on it driver's daughter's dress Aliens (America) for his father's wedding reception with Romina Pereiro took place over the past weekend.

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"It doesn't matter if it's a trend, you don't go to your father's wedding," Yanina fired at Polino Auténtico, Radio Miter, who does the name with the journalist. The comment was that Rocío attended an event with some yoga sports popular brand, something that was often used by several Hollywood stars like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

Apparently wounded by this statement, Rial decided to respond to Latorra with a strong warning. “I look forward to your daughter's debut in Bailand. Pícnic en puerta ", wrote the newlywed on Twitter, indicating that Lola, the daughter Yanina and Diego Latorre, in Marcelo Tinelli's new debut.

As reported by success as expected, the blonde did not stay in shape and went on Contraataque, "Like the ones you disguised, you're still ALSO, as always," he replied with a long laugh, and in interaction with some of the social network followers, he added: "It's true of his style … mess with women and menace. This man must be afraid. "

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After a few questions from Twitter users, Yanina also resisted what she said about Rochi. "I did not hold your daughter. I talked about looking at a wedding like he's doing in his program, "he said, then sent a warning:" Everyone is afraid … I'll say what they say about it when the microphones turn off.

On the other hand, behind the initial reaction andI ran away"Later, the Intruder driver did not continue the battle and decided to remain silent."

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