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"Nobody Holds My Hands": Viconte's Viceroy exploded with fury from the legend of infidelity

Fabian Cubero and Nicole Neumann had a long and idyllic relationship, but when it was over, it ended in the worst way! Since then, they have entered the endless media struggle from which he has participated Little Viciconte, a new girlfriend of a football player. That's why the news that this week about the supposed adventures of Cuber and Neumann has focused attention.

Immediately, Mind He put his chest on the information and sent a letter document. "I talked to Cesar yesterday, because they want my life for unnecessary reasons. It's too much," he said in a dialogue with Incorrectas. "There is a portal that said Fabian and Nicole had returned to half of the lovers, and a letter was sent to the document, and Fabian sent it up," he said irresponsibly blonde

Installed in Mar del Plata, due to a theatrical season, the former participant of Bailanda 2018 did not avoid this topic. "I talked to him about Fabi, and I obviously came up with him, said," Look, I do not have a relationship with her (for Nicole) I'm not talking, I'm talking and asking what time to go looking for girls but I'm not going home, outside, "he explained beautiful model.

"She has no relationship, although I've seen she's with me, and she's on her way, so there's never been a meeting," she said of Father Allegra, Indiana and Sienna, the fruit of her relationship with Nicole. That's what he was upset about and sent a letter of receipt, "Moria's panelist added quickly.

"When I saw the message, I handed WhatsApp to capture the three-dot portal, I noticed that they sometimes saw something from the girl and everything was mixed, but that did not happen," he said. ViciconteAnd he concluded very certain and strong: "If I put my hands in the fire, I do not stop on my hands, but I believe we have a relationship."

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