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One day before the final, Conmebol fired the river and the police

A few days until the end of the rematch Libertadores Cup between River and Boca, Prime Minister Conmebol attacked the Millionaire and the Argentine police.

As described in detail Olé, Alejandro Domínguez It was dispatched with the river and the police for the events that happened on the fateful Saturday in which the Libertadores final was suspended.

President Conmebol, who said he felt "shame of others"; revealed by: "We have become the oddest thing that can become human beings, spit on us, a day that will be in my memory marked with fire",

Responsibility for what happened to the South American football home gave the leader: "Everything was planned by the organization, but we can only predict what will be done in the field and ask for help and cooperation from the police or national security." "That's beyond Conmebol's responsibility because they are vandalized on the street, which is the police force," he added.

Asked about the responsibility of the river in everything that happened, Dominguez had no problem pointing to the Millionaire: "Responsibility for what has happened in the field since the game was canceled and what happened to special guests like Infantino, me and the other people",

Revealing details, Alejandro closed: "They spat on us, offended us offended, offended us, and even Onofrio had to avoid a group of boys who were in. The cops found a number of reservations and there were more people in the stadium than they were allowed."

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