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Pampita Ardohain Enraged With Rodrigo Lussich When He Revealed His New Romance – 11/29/2018

You can tell Carolina Pampita Ardohain (40) is at the moment the most sought after bachelor of the local exhibition and, of course, the candidates are not missing.

However, a reputation for his love life that has spread in recent days reversed the model, who did not last long and turned to social networks to deny it affaire to clarify and clarify this matter.

It all started with a "bomb" Rodrigo Lussich (45) "Pampita and the nightly love he or she will not accept because they are hiding and they are the lady … This is a sexual encounter … I do not know if they stay in something, repeat or something else can happen, "said the journalist and the driver Confrontated (Nine, at 15).

Finally, he revealed: "A confidential meeting after (Juan) Top Monaco, a friend; after (Pablo) Polito Pieres, by amigovio, a nightmare between Pampita and a rising actor, gallant, another protagonist Sugar place (Nicolás) Cabré, Vico D & Alessandro"

Victorio D'Alessandro. (Movilpress)

Victorio D'Alessandro. (Movilpress)

In addition to publishing the legend, Lussich reminded a somewhat forgotten fact of the actor and tossed a stick on Net TV. "He's a former one Sol Pérez… occasional meeting touch and go we have already said that Pampita is a veteran, 40 and 34 … ", he added.

And he closed, "Friends from him they say he has reached the bed of the most wanted woman in Argentinathat today is the only one ".

He said the driver Intimate pampita (Net TV) made a tweet from Lussich talk about the rumors to clarify many. "Total lie! Let those of the "sugar" compress something different and do not hang on to me! Shocking journalists say they did something without checking them. I do not know him!"assured the model.

Tweet of Pampity denies relationship with D'Alessandro.

Tweet of Pampity denies relationship with D'Alessandro.

But the journalist came to the intersection: "Your denial gives me fear … You continued to ease the crisis (Benjamin) Vicuña, you made a celebration of a ten-year relationship for magazines and a month later you screamed in a motorhome … and separated! Damage also lies! Kisses"he accused.

And he concluded, "Except I gave Sugar in this Mmmmm … Why such a conclusion? Mmmm … and also, Your ex Pico is not a friend of Vico? Have you never met him before? Anyway. All weird. "

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