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PRO concludes a year with a dilemma for vices and preferences for Cristina for 2019

The meeting comes ten days ago, when she met a small PRO table, which began to define 2019, with a thick line – and in some cases – with the quality of candidates in different territories. As the first definition, it was reaffirmed that in the districts where the government rules, such as the case of Larreta in Ciudad, Vidal in the province and Gerardo Morales in Jujuy, will be the last words. On the other hand, where the PRO is not a government, the game will be open to competition. According to the case, in La Pampa former sports secretary, Javier "Colorado" McAllister, will have to settle internally with a radical candidate for Governor Cambiemos.

The dynamics of the Council will be similar to all parties, but since it is the last one in 2018, the message that comes from the most prominent personalities of the PRO is particularly important. So according to today's order, the Parque Norte Hall will be in charge of the opening in Ombou Humberto Schiavoni, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, president of PRO in the city. Then it will be again María Eugenia Vidalová, governor of Buenos Aires province, who is the party's leader in his district, but also is the PRO leader with a better picture amid the crisis that broke out in May with the course.

The party meeting will also provide a context for women's PRO meetings, including Health and Social Development Ministers Carolina Stanley and Patricia Bullrich as well as Vice-President Gabriela Michetti. Then in The National Assembly PRO will discuss the women's quota in the organizational structure of party authorities as well as the limitations of organic mandates.

Under the title "Perspective Reflection for 2019", the panel, which will be shared by the Head of Cabinet, Marcos Peña, and the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, will undoubtedly attract the greatest attention. "It is clear that we are thinking about next year." The aim is to listen to what Marcos suggests as a guide to facing the election year, "admits the senior PRO leader. It is for all men of the native Cambiemos, repetition is an indisputable object as inevitable.

The panels will be supplemented by an internal and organic view and a look at the views of the Secretary-General of the PRO, Francisco Quintana, and the Prosecutor General, Juan Ignacio Maquieyra, and ministers of production and labor, Dante Sica, and transportation, Guillermo Dietrich, respectively. Maximum benchmarks will highlight the successes and goals of the party's transformation. While the view is introspective, PRO leaders do not deny that they remain attentive to how the opposition candidates are defined.

"There is a relative consensus that if Cristina is a candidate, it is a good scenario for the government," he says, if he rejects a leader with a territorial scale. And that is one of the most disturbing intersections for 2019. It is with the economy that the government itself expects to show some green shoots in March, the political affair will play a central role in the campaign. Some PRO members who would see a former president would be summons, but for others with Machiavellian strategy, Cristina's candidacy is an antagonism that strengthens the virtues of Change, primarily ensuring ethics and transparency in management.

"It is clear that the PRO bet is aimed at getting three reelections with Mauricio in the nation, Maria Eugenia in the province and Horacio in the city," confirms a member of the yellow army. Therefore, one of the first campaign definitions is "to work very hard" in Greater Buenos Aires, where "the crisis has hit hardest". In the interior of the province, the language will be different, because there we are changing, we have a better picture.


Though it will not be the topic to be discussed in the protocol, in Parque Norte will overcome one of the internal dilemmas that this period is experiencing in the PRO: who will be Deputy Mauricio, María Eugenia and Horacio. There you have two positions: purists vs. outsider. That's it Ecuadorian strategist Jaime Duran Barba argues as a dogma that there is no need to change what has so far yielded results, but others advise that adding a peronist – not necessarily a vice president – can help reinforce Cambiemos. "It is important to have a larger coalition born of the same election, giving people a message that we have a wider view", explains one of the leaders who are trying to join some Peronists.

This dilemma is what Mauricio Macri did four years ago, until February 28, 2015, decided to DNA PRO and anointed Mary Eugenia Vidal as her governor candidate over other names that were not pure yellow, The move, which will finally offer PRO the electoral volume to defeat Kirchner.

It's clear in the PRO that people have too much worry to listen to and withstand an election campaign based on the constant criticism of competitors. "The goal of the campaign will be to talk about the future and the transformation, always with proximity and positiveness, not a campaign in which we are talking about something wrong," they explain in the ruling party, after another effective space of Durban Barby, each of whom seems to be convinced of course, what will be seen once the election competition is launched, how the campaign manifests itself.


By sponsoring Marcos Peña this year La Generación, the youth wing of the PRO has intensified the deployment of the political leadership school throughout the nation. In fact, this year there are 11 plants in different provinces to train leaders who "can renew politics," they explain in the group.

The generation is politically supported by Peña, but leadership was adding sub -40 leaders very close to Vidal and Rodríguez Larret. The president of the group is Martín Yeza, intended by Pinamar, which is accompanied, among other things Juan Gowland, General Coordinator of the Ministry for Modernization of the Nation and Juan Ignacio Maquieyra, president of the Buenos Aires government housing institute.

For the young PRO, the tasks will be to strengthen schools in 2019 to gain more leadership and territoriality while supporting La Generación members. "We believe that the greatest instrument of transformation is in the management of the territory through the institutes"argue.

Some examples reveal that Yezza himself suggests again to choose Pinamar and Ezequiel Galli to do the same in Olavarría. They will also provide support to Lucas Delfin, representatives of the nations' municipal relations, to attend Hurlingham, Laury Aprile in Tres Arroyos and Martine Maquieyra-Hermano de Juan Ignacio in General Pico in La Pampa.

In the Generation they swear that the fight does not conceal them for being on the list because they do not want to become a "group like La Campora." In the group run by Peña, he believes that in the elections in 2019, it will surely be time to consolidate and win his mind, to place his cadres on lists of councilors and provincial legislators. "Then it will be time to continue to grow as leaders to lead and consolidate changes in Argentina," they say.

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